Let Acton Golf Car and Battery be your one stop shop for all your rental needs. From extra cars for a tournament, or transporting people at churches or weddings. Maybe a work site unit, there are literally hundreds of uses for these carts. Call today and ask what we have for your application.

When hauling more than 2 people is necessary, this is the answer. If you need a hauling bed just flip the seat over to carry refreshments, traffic cones or any assortments of goods. Bag attatchment can be added for an additional $25.




Day: $100

Week: $225
Weekend: $155

Monthly: $675

When it's all about moving people, this is the cart. Can haul a driver and 5 passengers, low entry for easy access. If you only need to carry 2 or 3 people and some luggage, flip the rear seat to give you that extra needed hauling area.


Day: $125

Week: $275
Weekend: $200

Monthly: $725

Pick Up & Delivery available upon request